Day 12: Restaurant life on the Costa Blanca

Many British people who come to Spain to live and work, dream of owing a bar or restaurant in the sun, from the outside it seems like the perfect life. For many they think that they will thrive on the challenges that they will face, but the reality is a different story. Long working hours, lots... Continue Reading →

Day 11: Councillor for Social Services and Welfare, Sylvia Tatnell, talks about her job and help available for expats

Spain's Social Services and Welfare system is very different to the UK, the Spanish culture and way of life means that if you want help and support when you are older, you look to your family first. Cll. Sylvia Tatnell is an expatriate living and working for the Moraira and Teulada council on the Costa Blanca. She... Continue Reading →

Day 10: Education in Spain

Children in Spain start their education at the age of three. At this early age they are taught the building blocks of reading and writing before they move to primary school a couple of years later. Schools typically split their days in two. The morning session starts at 8:30am until 1:00pm, followed by an afternoon... Continue Reading →

Tim raises thousands for Help for Heroes

The Armed Forces leading charity for helping injured service men and women, Help for Heroes, has received £5,000 from not only a keen supporter of the charity, but from a current serving member of the RAF. Flt. Sgt Timothy Pidoux has spent the past 24 months court mounting service medals for both serving and retired... Continue Reading →

Day 5: Onda cero International; it was a breath of fresh air for expats on the Costa Blanca

After running and making their own successful English language programme, Lifestyle, on a radio station in Benissa, Hugh and Beverly Stewart were approached by the Spanish broadcasting company  Onda cero, to start-up an international radio station broadcasting to expatriates on the Costa Blanca. It was a huge challenge for two people who originally came to Spain to retire... Continue Reading →

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