Tim raises thousands for Help for Heroes

Flt. Sgt Timothy Pidoux hands over £5000 to H4H representative Retired Air Commodore Pat King.

The Armed Forces leading charity for helping injured service men and women, Help for Heroes, has received £5,000 from not only a keen supporter of the charity, but from a current serving member of the RAF.

Flt. Sgt Timothy Pidoux has spent the past 24 months court mounting service medals for both serving and retired armed forces personnel from all the of the Services.  Many of the medals that he has mounted have been for people stationed at RAF Wittering, but he has mounted medals for other military units from RAF Leuchars in Scotland to RAF Stafford in the West midlands.

Flt. Sgt Pidoux started raising the money about two years ago, but was forced to take two, three month breaks due to being deployed to Afghanistan.

Flt.  Sgt Pidoux explained why he chose Help for Heroes, he said: “Because they do such fantastic work for the injured personnel coming back from Afghanistan.”

I have witnessed first hand the injuries sustained by the young lads and I have just been so proud that I have been able to give H4H what is probably a drop in the ocean to them. But it could be that drop that allows them to complete a vital project or ensure that an injured Serviceman gets that special prosthetic limb that will allow them to have a more normal life, or the encouragement to take up a new walk of life, such as a sport, which could and indeed has led to them being part of the 2012 London Para-Olympics.”

But there have been several challenges that Flt. Sgt Pidoux has had to face over the past year, including the loss of one the stations drivers. He said: “It has been a challenge at times.  Last year there was a Military Funeral for a Serviceman who was based at RAF Wittering. I had a huge task to get lots of medals mounted ready for those attending.”

All serving members of the Armed Forces were awarded a Queens Diamond Jubilee medal and this was another challenge for Flt. Sgt Pidoux. He had to prepare hundreds of medals for the several parades that celebrated the Queens Diamond Jubilee.

His latest challenge was mounting medals for those Servicemen and Women who were nominated to work as part of the Olympics support team and would be wearing their number one uniform with medals.

Friends and family of Flt. Sgt Pidoux who supported him over past two years watched as he presented the cheque to H4H.

Flt. Sgt Pidoux never expected to raise the sum of money that he did and especially not in such a short amount of time. He has been supported by colleagues at RAF Wittering as well as getting a lot of support from his family at home. He said:  “They have given me encouragement, let me get on with it without interference and have had help in putting some of the back-log together from my mum who did some machine sewing for me and also from my wife who has done likewise.”

Flt. Sgt Pidoux has already set himself his next challenge and that is to continue with the back log of medals his has to court mount. He will donate his next sum of money to RAFA (The Royal Air Force Association).

Many service men and women raise money for charities that are close to their hearts for one reason or another. Flt. Sgt Pidoux said: “Being in the military it is something we are doing almost on a daily basis, and not always for military charities.”

“Most units support local charities to them.  It tends to be individuals who channel their efforts into supporting individual charities, mainly because they have a valid reason, for instance, they have benefited in the past from help or a family member has.”

Squadron Leader Clair Jennings, Officer Commanding No1 Expeditionary Logistics Squadron, attended the cheque presentation and was immensely proud of the effort made and that the service Flt. Sgt Pidoux offered to personnel on the camp.

Retired Air Commodore Pat King, accepted the cheque on behalf of H4H. He said: “This is an incredible sum of money that will be put to good use.” He added how he would ensure that H4H were made aware of what Flt. Sgt Pidoux had done to raise the money.

If you would your medals court mounted you can visit TFP Court Mounting for more information.

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