Day 7: British family life on the Costa Blanca

Kim wth her daughters, Lauren, Kimberly and Sophie

Over the past 15 years, more and more young families have moved to this part of Spain to make a living and to bring up their children in a climate where the sun shines and in an environment that they believe is healthier.

Kim Harris is a mother to four girls, three of which were born in the UK and her youngest was born here in Spain. Kim moved to Moraira over 10 years ago after visiting this part of Spain. She wanted a better life for her children and wanted them to grown up where the sun shines and someone where, where she was not drawing the curtains at 4 O’clock in the afternoon.

In a matter of weeks after her trip to the Costa Blanca, Kim packed up her life in England and moved to Spain. She got her life back on track after leaving her job in Birmingham and today continues to enjoy her new life.

Kim, who can speak both French and Spanish, set up here own business, Moraira multi-services and continues to work hard in order to provide her children with the best life possible.

All of Kim’s children are bilingual and have been educated at the local schools here in Spain, through both the Valenciano and Castilian schooling systems. She believes that it is important for their family to be integrated into the Spanish way of life.

Even though the family are feeling the effects of Spain’s financial crisis, life for the Kim and her family could not be better and she hopes that in 10 years time she will still be living and working in Spain.

You can here my interviews with Kim and her girls below.

KIM HARRIS by samanthapidoux


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