Day 8: For some the Costa Blanca dream is not a dream come true

Gemma left her life in Lincoln to live and work in Spain, but her time in Spain has not always the perfect Costa dream.

British people have traditionally moved to Spain to retire and to spend the rest of their days in the sun, but more younger people are coming to live out in Spain and today make up a large proportion of the expatriate community here on the Costa Blanca.

Up and down the coast there are large communities of British people living and working here, as well as the thousands of retirees. But for some the dream of living and working in Spain is not always what it turns out to be. Making ends meet on a weekly basis for many people in the British community is a struggle. The recession has meant that many Brits have returned back to the UK in order to find work.

Gemma Quinn is a journalist who lives and works in Torrevieja, where perhaps one of Spain’s largest expats communities exists. Gemma moved to Spain nine years ago from Lincoln with her Mum and sister – at the age of 22. She was lucky enough to continue her career as a journalist after graduating from the University of Lincoln.

After university, Gemma, was lucky enough to get onto a training scheme at Lincs FM and then freelance for Heart FM, but could she make a go of things in Spain? For the first few years yes, but today Gemma is a freelance journalist and her partner could make more money back in the UK in one month than he could earn in three months in Spain.

Gemma ‘s story is full of  highs and the lows and the reality of living in a country where the language is a barrier, not only for her, but the thousands of British people who dream of a better life here in Spain.

You can hear my interview will Gemma below.

GEMMA QUINN by samanthapidoux

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