Day 9: Jordi Giner talks about his PHD study into expats on the Costa Blanca and Higher Education in Spain

Jordi and Magda Giner – Jordi is a lecturer at Valencia University and Magda teaches Valenciano in one of the local secondary schools on the Costa Blanca

Spain, is a popular place for British people to retire to or leave the UK in order to make a new life in the sun. 

The migration of British people to Spain and to the Costa Blanca has fascinated sociologists for many years. Why come here to live and work, is one of the many questions they continue to ask.

Jordi Giner, is a sociology lecturer at Valencia University and is currently researching and looking at the migration of British people to the Alicante region of Spain.

His study, so far has found that many Brits move to this part of Europe simply because the weather is much better and they believe that life in the sunshine will provide a better quality of life.

Interestingly, as Spain faces difficult financial times, it’s the Germans and not the British that are leaving the coast and returning to their home country. The Brits want to ride the crisis out, because their quality of life on the Costa Blanca is much better that it is in the UK.

Over the years there have been lots of studies into the ‘sunset lives’ of British people, some want to integrate and others simply move into the English communities where they can live their British lives with the only difference being that the weather is much better. British shops and business are set up to serve the British people – therefore parts of the Spanish coast become mini England’s or perhaps Southend on Spain!

But are these British communities in limbo? If you are interested in reading more about some of the studies that have been done into expatriate lives on in Spain, here are some recommend readings: ‘A community in limbo’ by Dennison Nash, ‘Sunset lives; British retirement migration to the mediterranean’ by Russell King, Tony Warnes and Allan Williams, ‘Insiders and outsider’ by Jacqelinne Waldren and ‘The British on the Costa Del Sol’ by Karen O’Riley.

Jordi, also talked to me about higher education in Spain and its rising costs, but how jobs in this field are few and far between and it’s evident that job stability is in this profession has an uncertain future.

You can listen to my interview with Jordi below.

PHD STUDY OF EXPATS AND HE by samanthapidoux

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