Day 13: Fr. Brian retires from the Costa Blanca

The three current chaplains for the Costa Blanca Chaplaincy.
Left to right: Fr Marcus, Fr Peter, Fr Brian.

Earlier this month I spoke to Fr Peter about the Costa Blanca Chaplaincy and the work that the chaplains do here is Spain. At the end of this month, one of the priests, Fr Brian, will be taking retirement for the third time and will be leaving behind him a legacy, that no doubt will continue to thrive here in Spain. Fr Brian, is a former RAF engineer, he retired after 30 years of military service and has lived and worked all over the world. After his retirement he trained and joined the church. He was ordained in 2000 and was a self-supporting chaplain in his first parish in England.  This meant that he still had a day job, but helped out with the ministry.

He then took up a position in his own parish. After a number of years working in his own parish, Fr Brain took retirement and offered to come to Spain to help out on a voluntary basis with the ministerial team here on the Costa Blanca. It was not long before he and his wife, Nola, left the UK and were living and working full-time on the Costa Blanca.

The time has now come for Fr Brian to retire and leave Spain. He has spent his time here not only working as a priest, but has gotten to know many of the British organisation here on the coast that are here to support expatriates.

Fr Brian, spoke to me about his time out here and his departure from the Costa Blanca. You can listen to the interview below.

FR. BRIAN on his time in Spain by samanthapidoux

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