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Gluten free lemon cakes with fresh cream

Gluten free lemon cakes with fresh cream

As a journalist I have always been taught to KISS… Keep It Simple Sweetie! So for this recipe I have! If you over complicate things you don’t get the results that you want. It has taken me a couple of years to fall in love with gluten free baking. I was always afraid of failing, something which I don’t like to do.

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My name is Sam and I am addicted to food programmes

Mini victoria sandwich cakes

Ever since I can remember I have been addicted to food… And in recent years food programmes. I have lots of food heroes from all over the world and even though I will never be a chef, I love to re-create their recipes. As a child I have always enjoyed cooking and baking. Like many children I was the sous chef when it came to making the mince pies at Christmas. I had the very important job of putting in the mince meat, but was always careful to not overfill as I was instructed.

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