Turkey, ham and pea risotto

Have you given up yet on the leftover turkey from Christmas Day? If, like me you are determined not to let anything go to waste then well done on getting this far. I have enjoyed being creative with the Christmas dinner left overs and I hope that you have enjoyed being as creative with your... Continue Reading →

Gluten free pound cake with raspberry jam and fresh cream

Like many people I love cake and I am continuing my quest to make delicious gluten-free cakes and other baked goodies. One day I might even enter the great British Bake Off and bake with just gluten-free flours, but I first want to spend the next year perfecting bakes that many people who are intolerant... Continue Reading →

Turkey and vegetable soup

  After Christmas what do you do with all of the left over turkey? One of my favourite things to do in the kitchen is make meals out of leftovers and with what ingredients are left at the back of the fridge. So let's start getting creative and make some delicious meals out of of... Continue Reading →

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