Spanish mushroom and chicken risotto

One of my favourite things to do on holiday is to go to a supermarket or the local markets and look at the all the different types of food they have on offer. I love looking at the different types of fresh vegetables, and taking in their vibrant colours and smells. There is just something... Continue Reading →

Prawn, haddock and sweetcorn chowder

The one great thing about being on holiday is having the time to look through recipe books and magazines when you need a little inspiration. Being passionate about tasty and great gluten-free meals this is my latest main meal idea. It's quick, easy and very tasty.  Sitting in my Nanna's warm and cozy living room,... Continue Reading →

Gluten-free Victoria sandwich

This weeks blog post or bake was the great British classic, the Victoria sandwich. All over the country, people are judged at county fairs and village fates on their versions of this classic cake.  The Women's Institute in the UK are known to be some of the best bakers of this classic British cake. Having... Continue Reading →

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