Spanish chicken

I am sure that every foodie out there has a signature dish. Holding my hands up because I do and I am about to share it will you. Being a huge fan of Spanish style cuisine I fell in love with the type of food that the Spanish cook and eat at a very early... Continue Reading →

My inspiration to cook and bake – Grandma

If you ask almost anyone in the food world who inspired them to cook and who got them cooking I bet you they will say their Grandma. Cliche or not, it was my Grandma  and my mum who got me interested in food and baking. Earlier this year my Grandma died, which was for me incredibly sad. I... Continue Reading →

Gluten-free stuffed peppers

I have recently turned another year older and not having a single clue about what I wanted for my birthday, a recent trip to the garden center with my dad proved to be quite fruitful. Yes, I seem to have come of an age that when I was asked if I wanted some veg to... Continue Reading →

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