Food for Thought and I talk to Donal Skehan

Photo: Good Food channel UKTV  Donal Skehan, 26, hosts Kitchen Hero: Great Food For Less
Photo: Good Food channel UKTV
Donal Skehan, 26, hosts
Kitchen Hero: Great Food For Less

The one great thing about my job is that I get to meet and talk to a lot of people about what they do for a living and I get to hold people to account. On this occasion I was lucky enough to talk to a young chef about his new television show on Good Food.

Donal Skehan is one of the judges from Junior Masterchef and a home cook. He was taught to cook from an early age by his Grandmother, but his whole family are passionate about food and understand the importance of a good home cooked meal.

At only 26, Donal made a name for himself after he started blogging about food in 2007 and since then has published three books and has presented his very own TV series.

So, in a studio in Lincoln and Donal in a studio in London, Charlotte (Food for Thought presenter) and I chatted to Donal about his new programme, Kitchen Hero; Great Foods for Less, and about fresh ingredients and the importance of home cooking.

Having now watched several episodes of the programme, Donal’s ethos and passion for great and accessible recipes really came through. He has a real passion for cooking food from some simple ingredients and making them into feasts.

Donal has really inspired me to look around my kitchen and really see what I have, as well as making me open my eyes when I am out shopping for food.

In Lincolnshire, we have a lot of great locally produced food and we don’t always make the most of what is locally grown and produced in this county or where ever we live.

This week when you are doing your food shop try and do something different. Buy some great local produce, or make something tasty out of the left overs in your fridge or think about buying a cut of meat that you would normally not use because you thought that it was a bit too cheap or old fashioned! I bet you will make something really delicious and will want to make it time and time again.

You can hear the full interview with Donal,  Food for Thought presenter Charlotte Reid and myself below.

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