Tim (aka my Dad) donates another £5000 to charity

Flt. Sgt. Pidoux has donated a second cheque to a military charity
Flt. Sgt. Pidoux has donated a second cheque to a military charity

Flight Sergeant Tim Pidoux has raised another £5000 for a leading military charity. 

Flt. Sgt. Pidoux donated the money to the Royal Air Forces Association in May after court mounting over 2000 medals for Servicemen and women, and now Police Officers and Ambulance drivers.

After his first charity donation to Help for Heroes, Tim continued to be inundated with requests for his services and decided to “keep it up.”

Tim said having served 32 years in the RAF he wanted to support a charity that works closely with ex-service men and women, as well as serving ones.

It can take up to 1 hour for Tim to mount a rack of 5 medals
It can take up to 1 hour for Tim to mount a rack of 5 medals

It has taken Tim just nine months to raise the money. But it has been challenging and time consuming. Tim said: “It takes me about 15 minutes to mount a single medal, so a rack of five medals can take over an hour.”

“I spend on average three hours per day, usually in the evenings and at weekends,” he added.

RAFA is a charity and has a membership of over 65,000 members who are both ex-RAF and serving men and women in the Royal Air Force.

Michael Bolton, the director of fundraising and marketing for RAFA received the donation on behalf of the charity. He said: “£5000 is an enormous effort, given the things that we do and it could help people keep in touch with their families with our storybook wings effort. Or it could enable visits for veterans or it can help with the serving RAF. This will go a long way in helping us continue all the work that we do.”

Michael explained how else money is spent helping those with an RAF connection. He said: “The money goes entirely to the serving RAF family and we help those with problems built around the distance and communications. But new problems will properly arise as the draw down continues when people come back to big RAF camps.”

Tim presented the cheque to Michael Bolton from RAFA
Tim presented the cheque to Michael Bolton from RAFA

“Whether you are a veteran who needs new white goods or have had a plumbing problem or an issue with your pension or you are a serving member of the RAF, RAFA is there to help,” he added.

Over the past 12 months Tim has donated £10,000 to military charities and even though he is retiring at the end of the year, Tim will continue to raise money for those who are part of the wider military community. “My next challenge is to support Blind Veterans UK. This charity, like Help for Heroes encompasses all ex-servicemen and women and that is why I have chosen to support them.”

“As part of my next challenge for fund raising I will be starting a bespoke framing service so that retired personnel can have their medals on permanent display instead of being tucked away in a draw. They are a nice keep sake for generations to come,” he added.

If you would like your medals court mounted you can contact Tim through his website or you can find him on Facebook  and Twitter @TFPCM.

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