The Roux Scholarship 2013: An interview with Michel Roux Snr. and Brain Turner

Photo: Phil Guest
Photo: Phil Guest

For many professional chefs under the age of 30 the ultimate competition to win is the Roux Scholarship.

Started in 1984, by brothers Albert and Michel Roux, this is the premier competition in the cooking world, and the winner gets the opportunity to work as an apprentice in any 3 star Michelin restaurant in the world. 

For the first time in its history the Roux family have allowed TV cameras  to follow the 18 contestants through the highs and lows of this is grueling competition.

Throughout the competition the contestants take part in masterclasses that are given by some of this country’s finest chefs. They include James Martin, Angela Hartnett and Brain Turner.  The Roux family and many of the chefs, including Brian Turner, who feature in the programme on Watch TV want to pass on their enthusiasm for food and drink.

The programme shows chefs, like Brian Turner, giving the contestants advice and feedback on their cooking and to some extent mentoring them through the competition as well as judging them.

This series is now into it’s second week and so far I have enjoyed watching the contestants take part in masterclasses with some of my food heroes. They have tried to re-create dishes that many of the chefs are famous for.

This week the real competition will start and 12 people will be sent home, while the final six will battle it out to become the Roux Scholar 2013.

It is gripping viewing and I found myself really looking forward to the next episode, as well as learning a few things on the way. Brian said: “What people will get out of this programme is A. inspiration, B. education, C. an insight.”

You can watch the contestants in their final part of the Roux Scholarship on Watch TV on Sky every night this week.

To listen to the full interview with Michel Roux Snr. and Brian Turner click below. This interview was originally broadcast on Siren FM in Lincoln.

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