Sam’s Paella

If you had to associate any dish with Spain most people would say that the most well know is Paella. This vibrant coloured rise dish is perfect for any celebration or even as a special treat. The best thing about this dish is that it is gluten free. Every family have a different way of... Continue Reading →

Gluten free chicken and bacon pasta bake

There is something really comforting about a pasta bake. It does not matter what time of year it I love to make a hearty pasta bake, and they can be as heavy or as light as you want to make them. I have no idea why people use the stuff out of the jars when... Continue Reading →

Gluten free chicken fideua

One of my many food loves is Spanish cuisine. It might have something to do with spending a lot of time in Spain, as I have family there, but I think the real reason that I love it so much is because of the colours and how the food tastes. A Mediterranean staple is garlic... Continue Reading →

Gluten free hot n spicy cheese scones

Last week I launched the Lincolnshire Co-operative's guest bloggers site with my gluten free macaroni and cheese recipe. One of the many reasons that I started blogging about gluten free food is because I wanted to share my love of food, cookery and baking with those who not only follow a gluten free diet, but... Continue Reading →

Gluten free finds that made me smile

Over the last eight years I have re-discovered and re-educated myself about food. We need it to survive, but what about when food is not always your friend and can be your worst enemy.The one thing that I have had my eyes opened to is processed and pre-packed foods. How many people can honestly say... Continue Reading →

Gluten free chocolate chip and coconut cookies

Feeling inspired and really happy with feedback from my taste testers, from the cranberry and white chocolate cookies, I thought I would experiment with another flavour. These cookies are really chewy and seem to work really with gluten free flour, something that really surprised me on the first trial. I know that I don't really need... Continue Reading →

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