Half way through the 10 day leftover food challenge

Over the past seven days I have been eating up all the food I have in my fridge, freezer and cupboards. I am over half way through my challenge and during this time I have not only created some interesting meals, but I have had some time to reflect on how much food I actually... Continue Reading →

Gluten free chocolate and courgette cake

The best thing about this time of the year is all the veg and fruit that everyone has been growing is ready to harvest. Family and friends seem to have so much homegrown produce that they can't keep up with the rate in which things are ripening. Once their freezers and pantries are full of... Continue Reading →

Charity cookbook for LIVES

A Lincolnshire publisher is putting together a charity cookbook that will feature recipes from around the county. DPS Printing will donate all profits from the book to a unique organisation to Lincolnshire, Lincolnshire Integrated Voluntary Emergency Service,  or more commonly known as LIVES. LIVES is made up of medical professionals and volunteers who have been trained... Continue Reading →

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