#LUL360 – it’s going to be wearable world!

This time last week I was running the media team for the biggest technology and business event in Lincolnshire - Linc up Live 2013. One week on and I have just about recovered, but I came away knowing more about how technology influences our lives and how it is going to continue to do so... Continue Reading →

Gluten free spiced pumpkin loaf

Being October many young people and families will be buying their pumpkins to carve out weird and wonderful faces and put tea lights in, in preparation for Halloween. As fun as it might be to carve a face in a pumpkin, surly it is better to eat one? Pumpkins are a versatile vegetable and at... Continue Reading →

Gluten free curry ideas

Many of us enjoy a curry at the weekend or even mid-week. This past week has been national curry week, and people up and down the country have been celebrating a dish that is now recognised as one of the top five national dishes of the United Kingdom. With over 100 different curries to choose... Continue Reading →

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