#LUL360 – it’s going to be wearable world!

Redge Snodgrass talking about wearable technology and the future. Photo: Shradha Mishra
Redge Snodgrass talking about wearable technology and the future.
Photo: Shradha Mishra

This time last week I was running the media team for the biggest technology and business event in Lincolnshire – Linc up Live 2013. One week on and I have just about recovered, but I came away knowing more about how technology influences our lives and how it is going to continue to do so and how we can’t hide from it.

This year event organisers wanted to engage people in the technology of tomorrow and inspire them to be innovative. Businesses today should be wanting to constantly regenerate their business if they want to succeed not only today, but also tomorrow.

Redgie Snograss from Stainedglass LAB Photo: Shradha Mishra
Redginald Snodgrass from Stainedglass LAB
Photo: Shradha Mishra

The keynote speaker, Redginald Snodgrass from Stained Glass Labs in the USA, for many was the highlight of the day. This young entrepreneur is passionate about wearable technology and developing it.

He had the audience gripped from his opening slide and after telling us how fun wearables are he said something that caught my attention. ‘Wearable technology is being developed that will predict when you will get sick before you will know it.’  Wow. How incredible is that? This technology is not just for fun, but in the future could actually save and enhance our lives.

You can listen to his interview with Linc up Lives Alastair Walker below.

Lincolnshire para althlete Lic Mc Photo: Shradha Mishra
Lincolnshire para-althlete Lic Mcternan
Photo: Shradha Mishra

For athletes, wearable technology would help them train more effectively.

Lincolnshire para-athlete Liz Mcternan was at the event and was excited to hear about wearable technology being developed. She said: “I want it now. At the moment I use an app on my phone. One is for sleep and the other one checks my pulse.”

Liz added: “To be able to wear something all of the time would be amazing. I’m really excited about the future. ”

The technology of tomorrow is life changing, and we are going to have to embrace it and accept it. Look how we have incorporated smartphones into our lives. I often wonder what I did without mine four years ago and if I could ever go back to not having one.

Wearable technology is a billion dollar industry and more businesses in the USA are developing prototypes that will be accessible and affordable.

Google Glass Photo: Shradha Mishra
Google glasses
Photo: Shradha Mishra

You might be reading this and saying to yourself that you have a smartphone that does everything that you need it to do. I won’t need anything like that. Well, if Redginald is right then smartphones will die out and wearables will be your smartphone replacement. It will also be so much apart of our lives that without it we will be lost.

Children in the future will only know wearable technology and it will be them who will wonder how on earth we go through a single day without it.

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