Throughout April I will be blogging a gluten free food post a day as part of the AtoZchallenge. Bloggers all over the globe will be showing off their talents and writing about lots of different topics. I am very much looking forward to the challenge and have lots of gluten free treat ideas for you.... Continue Reading →

Hedgehog potatoes

Going out on a limb I would say that many people in the UK love a roast potato. I consider them a luxury and as much as I love them I don't eat a lot of them as they can be a lot of effort to make. But there is a slightly healthy and speedier... Continue Reading →

Gluten free hot cross bun cupcakes

After my Christmas cake success I thought I should set myself an Easter challenge to make hot cross buns. After a couple of unsuccessful attempts, the first batch going straight into the bin and the second also ending up there, I am going to have a rethink about the recipe and see if I can... Continue Reading →

Gluten free food spots…

The range of gluten free products that are available now in the UK and Europe now is pretty impressive. Over the past few months I have spotted more and more gluten free products in the shops in the UK, but also in Europe. It has made visiting friends in Europe and going on holiday much... Continue Reading →

Gluten free American pancakes

There are a few dates in the British calendar that dictate the types of food that we like to eat. With Easter around the corner, here in the UK we will be looking forward to eating not only hot cross buns, a sweet bread made with dried fruit and spices, but also pancakes. Pancake day... Continue Reading →

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