#AtoZchallenge – Q is for qunioa and Turkey burger

As the weather warms up and people across the UK are preparing for BBQ season I have come up with a tasty way to use qunioa in a burger. I love a good burger and I am still waiting for the day that I can find a ready made gluten free burger in the shops.... Continue Reading →

#AtoZ Challenge – P is for Paella

If you had to associate any dish with Spain most people would say that the most well know is Paella. I was taught by my Grandmother, who was taught by an old Spanish lady,  how to make this. Over the years I have adapted the way in which it is made to suit my cooking... Continue Reading →

#AtoZchallenge – M is for mushrooms

People are very split when it comes to liking the taste and the texture of mushrooms. Personally I love them and they make a great addition to most meals. Mushrooms are a type of fungi and the most cultivated varieties are button and field mushrooms.  There are several types of mushrooms that are edible and... Continue Reading →

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