Lincolnshire Show – Great local producers and some gluten free finds

Lincolnshire is well know for its great range of fresh local produce.
Lincolnshire is well know for its great range of fresh local produce.

The Lincolnshire Show has celebrated its 130th year on the 18th and 19th June. The show is about celebrating all the great things about Lincolnshire and one of those is food.

The Lincolnshire showground dedicates a large area to locally produced food and mall companies come far and wide to show off their produce.

I love all things local and there is nothing better than supporting local people and their businesses. Their food not only tastes great but is made with passion. One of the great things to see this year was that lots of people were not only showcasing their locally made food, but there was a great range of locally made gluten free food.

At a lot of food events that I go to I always have my eyes peeled for gluten free items. It was great to see that not only national companies are making gluten free food and products, but many local companies are recognising specialist diets. At events like this you have to be aware of cross contamination, and I would recommend talking to traders about how and where they make their food. I found that venders are careful and have done their research.

Cote Hill farm made a range of both soft and hard cheese from their own cows.
Cote Hill Farm made a range of both soft and hard cheese from their own cows.

One of the companies exhibiting at the Lincolnshire Show this year was Cote Hill Farm. They make a range of soft and hard cheeses from their own Friesian, Holstein and Red Poll cows. They have been farming for over 40 years and have been making cheese 10 years.

The farm is owned by Michael and Mary Davenport. Michael farms the land and looks after the cows and Mary is the cheese maker. They are both very passionate about what they do.

Cote Hill Farm makes six cheeses and in Lincolnshire they are well know for their Cote Hill blue.

“That is the one that we started making and in the first year we made it we secured a gold medal for it at the British Cheese Awards, and it was the one that really launched us,” said Mary.

She told me that many of the customers they sell to say that the Cote Hill blue is their favourite from their range.

What makes their cheeses stand out from other local makers is that it is not only made locally but they use unpasteurised milk to make their soft cheeses.

You can hear my interview with Michael and Mary Davenport below and I started off by asking them about why they only started cheese making 10 years ago.

Hollie Pocklington is the 5th generation of Pocklington's Bakery and is passionate about Lincolnshire Plum bread.
Hollie Pocklington is the 5th generation of Pocklington’s Bakery and is passionate about Lincolnshire Plum bread.

Walking around the food area I came across two local bakers. One was the Stamford Cupcake Company and the other was Pocklington’s Bakery based in Withern near Louth.

Pocklington’s bakery is a family run business and has been since 1924, it has been handed down the generations. They make and sell their bakes locally and they are proud of their Lincolnshire Plum bread. In 2009 the bakery hosted the well know TV cooks The Hairy Bikers who tried to reproduce this famous Lincolnshire bread. What makes Pocklington’s plum bread stand out from others is that it “has a high fruit content – 49 per cent, this is more than all of our competitors,” said Hollie Pocklington, who is the 5th generation of Pocklington bakers.

The bakery have have recently started selling gluten free products after some customers enquired after it. “We make a gluten free farm bread, cupcakes and gateauxs,” said Hollie.

Hollie is lactose intolerant and has taken on the responsibility of making all of the gluten free items. Pocklington’s is possibly the only bakery in Lincolnshire making gluten free cakes for their customers.

You can hear my full interview with Hollie Pocklington from Pocklington’s bakery below. She starts off by telling me about the history of the bakery.

The Stamford Cupcake Company make not only normal cakes, but gluten free too.
The Stamford Cupcake Company make not only normal cakes, but gluten free too.

The Stamford Cupcake Company is run by Barbara Ferrow.  A passionate home baker, she turned her hobby into a business five years ago after some encouragement from her mum. The company started out as a small market stall at Stamford Market and now she owns her own bakery and every week the Stamford Cupcake Company still sell cupcakes at the market.

What makes Barbara’s cupcakes stand out is that she uses fresh fruit in her cupcakes and grows a lot of her own fruit for the cakes. “I grew up using all the  fruits available to us. It was a natural progression to put them into my cakes,” said Barbara.

“What ever we have got I try and think what I can make into a cupcake. I try to be a little bit different. We just use what is available to us. What ever fruit is out there will be in our cakes.”

Barbara also makes gluten free cakes and has seen an increase in demand for them on her market stall. She said: “People were coming to me saying that I was coeliac and gluten free and I would get strung up on my market stall if I did not have gluten free and I have regular customers.”

“The other things that people were saying to me is that they have to pay twice as much for gluten free, mine are the same price as my normal cakes,” she explained.

You can hear the full  interview with Barbara Fellow from the Stamford Cupcake Company below. She started off by telling me more about the company and the cakes that she sells.

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