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Gluten free food celebration at the Broadwalk Cafe in Lincoln

Picture of Natural World Cafe in Lincoln - tables and chairs in a green room.

The Broadwalk Cafe at the Natural World Centre in Lincoln include a number of gluten free dishes on their menu as they feel it is important to include all dietary requirements. Photo: MarketingNK.

The Natural World Centre in Lincoln will be celebrating all that is gluten free with a special menu on Saturday 30th May, 2015. To listen to my full interview with the head chef  Kirsty Falston, click on the audio player icon. Read the rest of this entry

Gluten free Malibu cupcakes using coconut flour

Cupcakes topped with chocolate and desiccated coconut, displayed on slate.

Coconut cupcakes are made with Malibu and coconut flour.

One of the worlds staple ingredients is wheat flour, it is found in baked goods, pasta, biscuits, breads and is used in processed food as a bulking agent.

One of the many challenges that people who suffer from coeliac disease or for anyone who is wheat intolerant is being able to enjoy some of life treats without making yourself ill. There are a number of great grain free flours available for anyone who is either gluten free or wants a healthier life style, coconut flour is just one of them.

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Over a third of Britons have no clue when it comes to catering for people with dietary requirements

Picture of a coffee cop with two gluten free croissants.

Over one third of people do not know how to cater for people with food intolenrances or allergies.  There is now a great range of products out there including these croissants made by Genius Gluten Free, who also make breads and cakes.

Research this week revealed that over a third of Britons shy away from catering for people with food allergies or intolerances. Read the rest of this entry

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