Over a third of Britons have no clue when it comes to catering for people with dietary requirements

Picture of a coffee cop with two gluten free croissants.
Over one third of people do not know how to cater for people with food intolenrances or allergies.  There is now a great range of products out there including these croissants made by Genius Gluten Free, who also make breads and cakes.

Research this week revealed that over a third of Britons shy away from catering for people with food allergies or intolerances.

This week has been Coeliac UK Awareness Week and the research carried out by Genius Gluten Free found that almost 10 million people in the UK claim to have a specific dietary requirement. Nationally, people are not only frightened of cooking for people with different dietary needs, but they confess to not knowing how to cater for them.

Over 40 per cent of Britons do not know how to cook for someone who is vegetarian and 57 per cent of people don’t know how to cater for someone with a nut allergy. Shockingly 80 per cent of people do not know how to prepare or cook food for someone who has coeliac disease or an intolerance to wheat.

One in ten Britons have admitted to avoiding inviting friends and family around for a meal due to their dietary requirements or food allergy.

But those who have to live with their special dietary requirements are also shy about eating out in restaurants and eating in others homes. Over a third of people have either gone without food at a social event, whilst a third of people said that they take their own food so that don’t go home famished.

In an interview with founder of Genius Gluten Free, Lucinda Bruce-Gardyne, and food blogger, Becky Excell, colleague Su Roys and I talk to them about this research, and how they have both coped with either suffering from coeliac disease or looking after someone who has it.

You can listen to the full interview below. I started off by asking Lucinda to explain how people might be affected by coeliac disease.

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