Gluten free food celebration at the Broadwalk Cafe in Lincoln

Picture of Natural World Cafe in Lincoln - tables and chairs in a green room.
The Broadwalk Cafe at the Natural World Centre in Lincoln include a number of gluten free dishes on their menu as they feel it is important to include all dietary requirements. Photo: MarketingNK.

The Natural World Centre in Lincoln will be celebrating all that is gluten free with a special menu on Saturday 30th May, 2015. To listen to my full interview with the head chef  Kirsty Falston, click on the audio player icon.


The Broadwalk Cafe‘s head chef, Kirsty Falston, has devised a menu that is totally gluten free. The aim of the weekend is about raising awareness of not only coeliac disease, but also that it is possible to serve great tasting food that is gluten free. The restaurant want local people with food allergens to have the same food experience as people without them.

The cafe on a daily basis serves a range of gluten free cakes and includes gluten free meals on their specials board. Kirsty says that it is important to ensure that anyone who has a food allergen has a good dining experience, She said: “It is so important these days to cater for people with allergies, otherwise you are missing out on half of the business.”

Picture of gluten free caramel slice.
Every day the Broadwalk Cafe bakes a range of gluten free cakes and other bakes for customers, including this caramel slice. Photo: MarketingNK.

Kirtsy explained that chefs nowadays have to understand customers needs as “there are so many different allergies that you have to look out for.”

Kirsty’s mother has to follow a strict gluten free diet and as a chef she wants all customers to to know that she will go out of her way to make something they know is safe to eat. She said: “We want to be know as a place that if something is not on the menu I will go out of my way to make it for them. If there is something that they can’t have in that dish, I will go out of my way to replace that so that they can still enjoy want they want to eat without the worry of their allergens coming into play.”

Kirsty has devised a mouth watering menu that is suitable for anyone that is gluten free whether they eat meat or are vegetarian or even vegan. The menu includes potato rostie on a red pepper sauce, gluten free penne paste with Mediterranean vegetables, beef stroganoff, and chicken and mushroom risotto.

For more information about this weekend you can click here to contact the cafe.

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