Mrs Crimbles new gluten free and good for me range

Pasta and sauces
Mrs Crimbles NEW gluten free and good for me range includes three cereal bars and three types of pasta in sauce.

Mrs Crimbles has launched a new gluten free and good for me range, which is designed with some additional health benefits.

The range includes cereal bars and three types of pasta in sauces, these products are lower in fat compared to many gluten free substitutes and are good for people who are calorie controlled diets.

Sarah Pollard is the marketing assistant at Mrs Crimbles and thinks that this new range is innovative for the gluten free food industry, she said: “You are not only getting a gluten free meal or treat but you are not going to bust the diet.”

“The pasta and sauce is particularly innovative because historically gluten free pastas have had a bit of a bad reputation. They tend to be rice based so it tends to disintregrate when cooking. Mrs Crimbles gluten free and good for me pasta and sauce, is made with italian corn and it holds it shape when cooking.”

Some people notice that when they first go gluten free they gain weight as they swap ‘normal’ food for the gluten free substitute. The reason for this is because a lot of these products contain hidden sugars and fats.

Sarah said that the gluten free and good for me range has received a lot of “positive reaction from the public.”

“The one product we have had the biggest response from is the pasta and people have received it really well. It tastes great and cooks in only 10 minutes.”

The pasta and sauce has other benefits such as putting parents minds at ease when young children are away from home, Sarah said: “Mum and Dad can pack them up with the pasta and parents an be safe in the knowledge that they are getting a gluten free meal that will not take half a day to achieve.”

There are plans to extend the normal gluten free Mrs Crimbles range and also the good for me range, but what the range will include remains a secret for now.

Mrs Crimbles will be at a number of showes including the BBC Good Food Show this winter.

Listen to the full interview below with Sarah Pollard. I started off by asking her about the new gluten free and good for me range.

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