Bread: Gluten free cloud bread

Bread is my nemesis, no matter what I do I just can't seem to make the perfect gluten free loaf. I am determined to not let it beat me, so for now I will continue to experiment and one day soon I hope to make perfect gluten free bread. In my quest to make the... Continue Reading →

Gluten free and me

From a very young age I’ve been fascinated by the taste, smell and colour of food. I love food, it is that simple. Ten years ago I lost my passion for food after being diagnosed with an intolerance to wheat. The reality sank soon in as I had to learnt to live without wheat, I might... Continue Reading →

Gluten Free apple crumble muffins

As winter approaches we find ourselves, here in the UK, seeking comfort in warming stews and baked puddings such as apple crumble and custard or steamed syrup sponge, hence the inspiration for putting apple crumble flavours into a gluten free muffin.

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