Gluten free and me


From a very young age I’ve been fascinated by the taste, smell and colour of food. I love food, it is that simple. Ten years ago I lost my passion for food after being diagnosed with an intolerance to wheat.

The reality sank soon in as I had to learnt to live without wheat, I might have started to feel better, but what I found quite hard was falling out of love with my passion, food.

For the first time in my life I had to think twice about what I ate. Food shopping became a nightmare. I spent most of my hours in the supermarket reading ingredient labels and browsing the shelves for alternatives. I remember one afternoon leaving the supermarket in despair and in tears as I was so fed up of reading labels.

Having fallen out of love with food and cooking I packed away my cook books and sulked. It felt like I was destined to eat boring fruit, veg, meat and fish for the rest of my life. My taste buds were aching to eat something that was going to excite them, but I was worried and scared that if I did something a bit different to my chicken salad, I would become poorly.

After a couple of years of this heart ache I found myself becoming addicted to food programmes. I became jealous of the chefs and TV cooks who were able to make some beautiful looking dishes that I was not able to re-create. Over time my jealousy subsided, and my mind was racing with creative ideas on how to make these dishes gluten and wheat free.

I soon realised that I should not be afraid of experimenting with food and different ingredients, and perhaps I had been given an opportunity to re-educate myself about food.

I love sharing my passion for gluten free food with others, and I love showing them that is it possible to create some of your favourite wheat based treats in a gluten-free way. 


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