Throughout April I will be blogging a gluten free food post a day as part of the AtoZchallenge. Bloggers all over the globe will be showing off their talents and writing about lots of different topics. I am very much looking forward to the challenge and have lots of gluten free treat ideas for you.... Continue Reading →

Gluten free food spots…

The range of gluten free products that are available now in the UK and Europe now is pretty impressive. Over the past few months I have spotted more and more gluten free products in the shops in the UK, but also in Europe. It has made visiting friends in Europe and going on holiday much... Continue Reading →

Gluten free finds that made me smile

Over the last eight years I have re-discovered and re-educated myself about food. We need it to survive, but what about when food is not always your friend and can be your worst enemy.The one thing that I have had my eyes opened to is processed and pre-packed foods. How many people can honestly say... Continue Reading →

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