#AtoZchallenge – Q is for qunioa and Turkey burger

As the weather warms up and people across the UK are preparing for BBQ season I have come up with a tasty way to use qunioa in a burger. I love a good burger and I am still waiting for the day that I can find a ready made gluten free burger in the shops.... Continue Reading →

#AtoZchallenge – O is for overnight oats

Like fashion there are trends in the food world too. Apart from there being a huge baking revolution taking place here in the UK, across the world people seem to be incorporating elements of the latest health craze into their diets. One of these crazes is eating food without cooking it and another craze is... Continue Reading →

#AtoZchallenge – M is for mushrooms

People are very split when it comes to liking the taste and the texture of mushrooms. Personally I love them and they make a great addition to most meals. Mushrooms are a type of fungi and the most cultivated varieties are button and field mushrooms.  There are several types of mushrooms that are edible and... Continue Reading →

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