Gluten and dairy free fruit flapjack

I was recently approached by a colleague at work who has recently been told that she can no longer eat wheat and dairy. She remembered that I have my own blog about gluten free food and asked if I would come up with some gluten and dairy free recipes to inspire her. After talking to... Continue Reading →

#AtoZchallenge – N is for GF naan bread

Since being gluten free, I like many people who have been diagnosed later on in life will miss some of the things that we were used to in our wheat eating life. One of the things that I miss when eating a curry is naan bread. I used to use mine to mop up all... Continue Reading →

Gluten free hot n spicy cheese scones

Last week I launched the Lincolnshire Co-operative's guest bloggers site with my gluten free macaroni and cheese recipe. One of the many reasons that I started blogging about gluten free food is because I wanted to share my love of food, cookery and baking with those who not only follow a gluten free diet, but... Continue Reading →

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