Day 15: Conclusions and goodbye to the Costa Blanca

Over the past four weeks I have been talking to and meeting lots of different British people who live and work here on the Costa Blanca for Siren FM and Euranet. I have really enjoyed my time and have a real understanding of what it is like to live here in Spain. Many people in... Continue Reading →

Day 11: Councillor for Social Services and Welfare, Sylvia Tatnell, talks about her job and help available for expats

Spain's Social Services and Welfare system is very different to the UK, the Spanish culture and way of life means that if you want help and support when you are older, you look to your family first. Cll. Sylvia Tatnell is an expatriate living and working for the Moraira and Teulada council on the Costa Blanca. She... Continue Reading →

Day 3: The Costa Blanca Chaplaincy

Forty three years ago, a retired priest who had travelled from Africa settled on the Costa Blanca. Through word of mouth English people heard that there was a priest... the rest is history and the Anglican community here in this part of Spain from then on has  thrived. It has gone through many ups and downs... Continue Reading →

Day 2: Local radio on the Costa Blanca

Over the past 15 years English local radio has really taken off in Spain and expatriates  and tourists really are spoilt for choice. If you wanted to listen to local radio 15 years ago your choice was the local Spanish station or your pick of the countries national stations. Now, the Costa Blanca now has... Continue Reading →

Day 1: Working for Euranet and Siren FM

After a long and tiring day travelling, I have arrived on the Costa Blanca.After pitching an idea to the Siren FM's station manager he agreed to let me spend my secondment to the radio station in Spain on the Costa Blanca. I have spent 28 years of my life visiting this part of Spain and I consider the towns... Continue Reading →

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