#AtoZchallenge – C is for GF chocolate and caramel cookies

Some baking accidents have surprising results. I love experimenting in the kitchen and after making some cookies earlier in the week I had some left over condensed milk. Not wanting to waste the milk I routed through my cupboards and found some chocolate chips and a tin of caramel. I wondered if the caramel could... Continue Reading →

Gluten free finds that made me smile

Over the last eight years I have re-discovered and re-educated myself about food. We need it to survive, but what about when food is not always your friend and can be your worst enemy.The one thing that I have had my eyes opened to is processed and pre-packed foods. How many people can honestly say... Continue Reading →

Gluten free chocolate chip and coconut cookies

Feeling inspired and really happy with feedback from my taste testers, from the cranberry and white chocolate cookies, I thought I would experiment with another flavour. These cookies are really chewy and seem to work really with gluten free flour, something that really surprised me on the first trial. I know that I don't really need... Continue Reading →

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