Gluten free hot cross bun cupcakes

After my Christmas cake success I thought I should set myself an Easter challenge to make hot cross buns. After a couple of unsuccessful attempts, the first batch going straight into the bin and the second also ending up there, I am going to have a rethink about the recipe and see if I can... Continue Reading →

Gluten free spiced pumpkin loaf

Being October many young people and families will be buying their pumpkins to carve out weird and wonderful faces and put tea lights in, in preparation for Halloween. As fun as it might be to carve a face in a pumpkin, surly it is better to eat one? Pumpkins are a versatile vegetable and at... Continue Reading →

Gluten-free Victoria sandwich

This weeks blog post or bake was the great British classic, the Victoria sandwich. All over the country, people are judged at county fairs and village fates on their versions of this classic cake.  The Women's Institute in the UK are known to be some of the best bakers of this classic British cake. Having... Continue Reading →

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