Mrs Crimbles new gluten free and good for me range

Mrs Crimbles has launched a new gluten free and good for me range, which is designed with some additional health benefits. The range includes cereal bars and three types of pasta in sauces, these products are lower in fat compared to many gluten free substitutes and are good for people who are calorie controlled diets. Sarah... Continue Reading →

Gluten free food celebration at the Broadwalk Cafe in Lincoln

The Natural World Centre in Lincoln will be celebrating all that is gluten free with a special menu on Saturday 30th May, 2015. To listen to my full interview with the head chef  Kirsty Falston, click on the audio player icon.   The Broadwalk Cafe's head chef, Kirsty Falston, has devised a menu that is totally... Continue Reading →

Gluten free chicken fideua

One of my many food loves is Spanish cuisine. It might have something to do with spending a lot of time in Spain, as I have family there, but I think the real reason that I love it so much is because of the colours and how the food tastes. A Mediterranean staple is garlic... Continue Reading →

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