Gluten free cherry and choc chip muffins

Having just moved house and having to change my daily routine, I have struggled to find the time to eat breakfast before work. Nowa days, like a growing number of people with busy lives, I eat breakfast when I get to work. There are some great quick and easy gluten free breakfast products available from all... Continue Reading →

Souper soup! You could have your recipe published in a new competition

As the days get longer and colder, soup once again becomes the nations favourite and to go to meal. Soup is a great winter warmer and many of us have our favourite homemade recipes, and others dare I write this... love the pre-made soups out of the tin or from the fridge section of your... Continue Reading →

Gluten free Malibu cake

After the success of my gin and lemon cake, I started thinking about how I would incorporate other sprites into cake. For me there are two more very obvious spirits that would work well in a cake. One of them being Malibu or a white coconut rum of your choice. This drink reminds me of... Continue Reading →

Gluten free gin and lemon cake

One of my favourite drinks is gin. My Grandmother for as long as I can remember has been a gin drinker. When visiting her in Spain she always had a glass of gin and tonic while preparing dinner, 6 o'clock in her house was gin o'clock. As a very young child I was fascinated that... Continue Reading →

Lincolnshire Show – Great local producers and some gluten free finds

The Lincolnshire Show has celebrated its 130th year on the 18th and 19th June. The show is about celebrating all the great things about Lincolnshire and one of those is food. The Lincolnshire showground dedicates a large area to locally produced food and mall companies come far and wide to show off their produce. I love all things local... Continue Reading →

Lincolnshire Show – Lincolnshire Co-operative championing local

This years the Lincolnshire Show celebrated its 130th year. The show is about celebrating all the great things about Lincolnshire and one of those is food. The showground dedicates a large area to locally produced food and one of the biggest companies there this year was Lincolnshire Co-operative. They are owned by their members in Lincolnshire and Newark and... Continue Reading →

Lincolnshire Show 2014 – Poachers Brewery

At this years Lincolnshire Show food and drink producers from all over the county gathered in Lincoln to showcase their locally grown and locally made produce. The Show which took place at the Lincolnshire Show ground on the  18th  and 19th June attracted visitors from all over the county. This year was the 130th Show and over... Continue Reading →

Versitle blogger award

Samantha's Gluten Free Food Spot has won a blogging award. The Versatile Blogger Award is about recognising the talents of those who bring something special to others lives through blogging. Samantha's Gluten Free Food Spot was set up two years ago and has been a great experience and a huge learning curve. One of the... Continue Reading →

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